​Gather Information

​distribute truth

How We Do It

Simply stated, we effectively destroy or damage a person’s online reputation. Our goal is to expose the target’s  “dirty little secrets.”  There are some very bad people in this world. Our job is to expose the truth about these individuals so that others have fair warning before engaging with these ingrates. There are laws in place to protect against criminal behavior. But there is nothing to protect us from liars, cheaters, unethical, or immoral activities. That is precisely why we provide this service.

Helping karma catch up to your enemies

dominate search results

Next, we distribute the information throughout the Internet. This may include creating websites, blogs, using social media and reporting websites. The specific circumstance and target will determine where and how the information is distributed.

What We Do

The final step is to push all of the information to the forefront of search engines. We use professional SEO methods to accomplish this task. It is crucial to get the information onto the first page of search results. 80% of people only view the first page of search results, so this is where we need our information placed.


First, we gather information about the target. Most of this data comes from the client and we perform some intense online research. We analyze the data and create a solid action plan.


Spreading the truth and destroying the bad guys